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Flexible hybrid cable

A hybrid servo cable consists of a servo cable for power transmission and an integrated encoder cable. The advantages of the hybrid servo cable, which is often referred to as the One Cable Technology (OTC) cable, are not only less wiring, but also space savings and cost reduction. The feedback of the position data to the servo controller is done frequently, according to manufacturer, by various digital bus technologies.

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In our 2,750 m² laboratory, we put our cables through their paces - and with a firm confidence we can give them a 36-month guarantee on our cables!

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One-cable solution - chainflex hybrid

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Servo motors with one-cable technology are becoming increasingly popular. Their use makes it possible to save both money and time. Up to now, the servo motor and the converter have always been connected to two cables: A servo cable was used for the power supply. For the data retransmission, an encoder cable is provided to inform the control system, for example, about the speed and position of the motor. For a few years, more and more drive manufacturers have been offering servo motors with a one-cable solution. Energy supply and data transmission run on a single cable, a so-called hybrid cable. This eliminates the need for cabling with a separate measuring system cable for the encoder, since it is already integrated by means of a bus system.

What do I need to pay attention to with hybrid cables?

When combining the servo and encoder cables into one hybrid cable, it is important to ensure the necessary data transfer characteristics and interference-free operation of the cable for many millions of cycles. A secure transmission of the bus signals to maximum cable length with many motion cycles in the energy chain, poses special requirements for the used insulation materials of the bus cores. For example, igus GmbH uses mechanically high-quality materials, which also meet the requirements of the respective bus specifications.
By integrating the bus cable into the energy cable, the requirements for the permanently good shielding of hybrid cables are particularly high. The sensitive bus signals in the servo cables  as well as adjacent cables in the energy chain, must be optimally protected. Therefore, mechanically optimised shielding concepts with a very high optical coverage are used to reduce electromagnetic interference.
Reliable transmission and guaranteed performance with igus hybrid cables In addition to the mechanical tests in the energy chain, the igus laboratory also measures the transmission characteristics of the bus systems. Here, the bus systems are measured separately and checked whether the data transmission during the entire test period, which takes several million double strokes, has been complied with. The chainflex hybrid servo cables are available with cost-efficient PVC outer jacket or PUR jacket. As with all chainflex cables, there is also 36 months guarantee on the hybrid servo cables.


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