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Always the most cost-effective plain bearing that works.
iglidur® polymer plain bearings

Cylindrical bushing

For shaft diameters Ø1.5 - Ø150mm

Bushings with flange

For shaft diameters Ø3 - Ø195mm

Thrust washers

For axial bearing
Ø8 to Ø114mm

Piston rings

For shaft diameters Ø6 - Ø150mm

Double flange

For sheet thicknesses of
2 - 6mm

Flange bushings

With axial fixation Ø10 to Ø35mm

Special and drawing parts

A plain bearing drawing on the screen becomes an actual iglidur plain bearing

Special parts according to your specifications. We will quickly help you to find the optimum solution made with our modern manufacturing methods.

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More than 250,000 manufacturers have chosen iglidur® polymer plain bearings
AGCO | B. Braun Melsungen | Crankbrothers | DMG MoriFAUN Viatech | HillromKohlerKRONESLemken | MultipondNowy Styl | Ottobock | SensataTecnoSun SolarThalerV-ZugWSS Wilh. Schlechtendahl & SöhneZunhammer | and many more

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samo Maschinenbau GmbH

"We were looking for a material that was lubrication-free, robust and cost-effective, so we opted for the iglidur plain bearings from igus"

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...and many further success stories

Discover further success stories from more than 60 different industries all over the world.


Find out more about iglidur®


Find out more about iglidur®

Largest test lab in the industry

Test laboratory with test rigs for plain bearings

We carry out tests so that you do not have to experiment. Find out how our iglidur® polymer plain bearings are tested in the largest test laboratory in the industry. We also carry out individual customer tests here.

Knowledge base

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Here you can find answers to the most important questions regarding iglidur plain bearings. Compiled and answered in detail by our experts in the area of plain bearing technology.  

iglidur plain bearings in use

Farm machinery in field

More and more design and maintenance engineers rely on iglidur® polymer plain bearings for their applications. They are up to 40 per cent more cost-effective than metal solutions, delivered quickly, maintenance-free and lubrication-free.