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iguverse: the industrial metaverse of igus

We bring sales and engineering into virtual reality

Immerse yourself in the virtual sales and engineering world of the iguverse. Discover new and fascinating ways to save time, money and resources in product development, optimisation and maintenance. The iguverse will simplify your engineering! Use the iguverse as an efficient and user-friendly platform for sustainable product development and fast prototype production. Benefit from two main advantages:
  • Advantage 1: distance no longer matters. Members from all over the world can meet as avatars in digital space and exchange ideas.

  • Advantage 2: projects become clearer and more tangible from Day 1.
The first customers are already in the iguverse. Become a beta tester, too, and develop your machines and systems in the iguverse! Contact us and make an appointment now.
Discover the iguverse and become a beta tester
In future, it will be possible to experience the igus infrastructure as a digital twin - whether laboratory, factory, trade fairs, webinars or news presentations. From anywhere in the world Without travelling.
The iguverse can also be an approach with a lot of potential for future sales. For example, salespeople and customers could put on VR glasses during customer visits and immerse themselves in the iguverse.

Your advantages with the iguverse

Tech up

Tech up

  • More safety through reduced risks
  • Repeatability
  • Faster integration into production environment
  • Optimised quality of systems and machines
  • Good data collection and analysis
  • Understanding of complex relationships and early testing
  • Faster realisation of the idea to the product
Cost down

Cost down

  • Cost reduction through simulation
  • Time saving on site
  • Minimisation of downtime
  • Reduced risk of planning errors
  • Lowered travel expenses
  • Elimination of reduction of prototyping effort


  • When installing an igus e-loop on a drilling platform, important design changes ultimately meant that the product could not be installed as planned. If the construction and installation had been simulated in the iguverse, these difficulties with the mounting bracket and the cable guidance would have been recognised at an early stage and could have been solved more efficiently. The virtual world would have visualised problems and solutions immediately.


  • Reduces travel
  • Conserves resources as there is no need for complex prototype production
  • Improves team flexibility and adaptability
  • Increases employee satisfaction
  • Can improve team effectiveness

Next-level engineering: implement systems and machines faster and more efficiently in the future

Next-level engineering
The iguverse allows for the next generation of engineering - simple, efficient and fast! A possible application scenario could look like this: "As an engineer, I would like to optimise our prototype production and make it more sustainable. I explore the iguverse, an engineering platform in the metaverse. With VR glasses I enter the virtual world of igus, work on projects digitally and network with colleagues to save time, money and CO₂ in order to clearly visualise problems and quickly work out solutions. I find 3D models for my applications in the right machine and industry world. Together with igus experts, I develop prototypes and carry out feasibility studies. Augmented reality helps me identify design flaws at an early stage. This also saves time, travel costs and resources. Colleagues and machine users can exchange ideas in the iguverse, practise and support service technicians with repairs."

Working together today on solutions for the electrified vehicles of tomorrow

Automotive in the iguverse Example from the automotive industry
Automotive in the iguverse
Automotive in the iguverse

Joint simulation of assembly processes on the digital twin

Drilling rig in the iguverse Example of a drilling rig from the offshore industry
Drilling rig in the iguverse
Drilling rig in the iguverse

Other uses of the iguverse

In the iguverse, customers, engineers, project managers and decision-makers will come together in future as avatars in the digital space. They will carry out entire projects there, from the idea to the finished product - faster and more smoothly than is possible in the physical world alone. 
  • Plan machines, systems and vehicles.
  • Find the right components quickly.
  • Develop products digitally with igus experts.
  • Instruct customers or employees in handling machines.
  • Get virtual assistance with repairs.
  • Let 1:1 feasibility analyses with 3D models support you in product development.
  • Identify weaknesses at an early stage and optimise your design - without physical prototypes.
  • Present your company or your products on our platform and save yourself the effort of developing your own metaverse.
Make an appointment for a tour of the iguverse

References about the iguverse

Metaverse: my first experience with the iguverse

Angela Struck, freelance journalist developmentscout: "In addition to Siemens and Deutsche Bahn, the Cologne-based plastics specialist igus is also experimenting with the industrial metaverse. The resulting digital parallel universes could have a disruptive effect on sales, engineering and service, just like the introduction of assembly lines or robotics once did. I went straight to the iguverse and felt like the leading lady in James Cameron's yet to be invented blockbuster Avatar Industry."
The iguverse from igus

Dina Reit, CEO of SK LASER, explores the iguverse

Dina Reit, CEO of SK LASER, Family Entrepreneur 2022

"We spent about an hour in the igus parallel universe, walked through cars with built-in energy chains and saw an energy chain in action on a virtual drilling platform. With our virtual hands, we were able to make the products larger and smaller and examine them in detail. igus is thus taking the first steps towards metaverse in mechanical and plant engineering, and this has great potential for product presentations."

Would you also like to gain experience with virtual reality?

We are looking for beta testers for our iguverse! For an affordable fee, you can experiment with the digital parallel universe and convince yourself of the advantages - without having to bear the high costs for a VR infrastructure yourself.
Become a beta tester, too

Where will we be working in future? Maybe just everywhere?

Digital parallel universes not only captivate millions of fans of computer games, such as Fortnite. The metaverse also has the potential to revolutionise how businesses and customers work together. It seems as if virtual reality is growing out of its niche existence among gamers. Is that just a short euphoric trend or does the virtual world have what it takes to conquer other areas, such as digital sales, as a modern and customer-oriented channel?

Do we stick or twist with this new technology?

We ask ourselves this question every day. With every new project, the benefit for you as the user is decisive. Stay up to date with the iguverse and find out what's next. Sign up for our newsletter and get information as soon as we have exciting news for you.
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The iguverse is igus's digital world for sales and engineering in the metaverse

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