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The igus® climate chamber - not for cold feet

motion plastics by igus are developed and produced for moving applications: energy chains, cables, bearing technology. Therefore, our measuring and product tests are carried out in motion, ideally in an environmental simulation that best represents future requirements. For an ideal quality assurance.

The climate chamber for e-chains and chainflex cables

To test energy chains and cables under real circumstances also for extreme climate conditions, we have installed a climatic chamber in a shipping container, in which temperature ranges from -40°C to +60°C can be simulated. Leading norms regarding cold-bending or cold impact test deal with materials' durability at certain temperatures. However, we at igus believe that it is the test in continuous motion that shows the maximum load capacity of an energy supply and whether it is suitable for the intended application. That is the only way we can make reliable statements regarding the use of our components.
Temperature and bending load are significant technical data per se, but only the combination and the running operation to some degree represent the reality in which the energy supplies will finally be used. For example, at igus a cable only passes the test if it shows no jacket damage.


Our guarantee

Due to the endurance tests conducted in our on-site laboratory, our customers can always be sure that their igus cables will last. Due to our intense and specific research, we are able to offer a unique 36-month guarantee on chainflex cables, which goes far beyond the statutory 12 months.

We test your application

You do not wish to experiment, but want to test your application under real temperatures before use? Or do you have an unusual application and are looking for a suitable solution? No problem. We will test your application in our test lab or climate chamber and will use our expertise to find the best igus® solution for you. No matter whether plain bearing, energy chain, cable, linear technology, bar stock or Low Cost Automation.

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The different areas of the igus test lab

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Plain bearing test rig  

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Test rig for energy supplies  

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The igus test lab

Test rig for load test of plain bearings