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Tailored high-performance polymers for industrial vehicles

Defects, repairs or downtimes of industrial vehicles for maintenance purposes are annoying and incur costs when the machines have to be taken out of service. Robust and reliable components are therefore required in order to avoid downtime and thus lower unnecessary costs. Whether high loads at bearing locations with up to 250 MPa or very small bending radii for cables: igus® has virtually maintenance-free solutions with long service life for industrial vehicles such as forklifts, industrial tractors or driverless transport systems. In many applications, metallic bushings or recirculating ball bearing guides can be replaced by self-lubricating polymer bearings and linear guides! We would like to show you how to improve your technology and save costs at the same time.
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Cabin industrial vehicle with igus® products  

igus® solutions in cabins of industrial vehicles


Mirror adjustment: low coefficients of friction and wear with bearings iglidur® J


Monitor adjustment: flexible and easy to position with drylin® W guide carriage


Steering column: high resistance to dirt with iglidur® G bearings


Hydraulic valve connection: compensation of alignment errors with igubal® double joints


Pedal mechanism: clearance-free pre-loaded bearings with iglidur® JVSM


Armrest adjustment: simply dry operation with drylin® W linear guides


Seat bearing adjustment: secure energy supply with e-chain® E2 and chainflex® cables

Configure online and calculate service life

chainflex® cables  
chainflex® cables

36-month chainflex® guarantee

Unharnessed or harnessed

Developed for moving applications

Predictable service life

iglidur® Q2  
iglidur® bearings

Long-life heavy-duty bearing

Wear-resistant and dimensionally stable at high loads

No additional lubricants necessary


drylin® N linear guide  
drylin® N

Compact design

Spring preload for variable clearances on a rail

Rattle-free and precisely adjustable

No stick-slip effect

Checked in the igus® test laboratory for real use

A glimpse into the chainflex® and e-chain® test laboratoryTake a look at our chainflex® and e-chain® test laboratory, where tests are run with 10 billion cycles every year.


Glimpse into the dry-tech® test laboratoryIn the industry's largest test laboratory, iglidur® bearings and drylin® linear technology are put to the acid test.


Vibration testIn this test, energy chains are subjected to vibrations between 30 and 60 Hz.


Front loader test stand Polymer bearings in a heavy-duty test with a maximum load of 500 kg.
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igus® products successfully in use in industrial vehicles

Guide roller with chainflex® cable in the lifting gear  
Cables guided with guide rollers

The company Still guides chainflex® cables at a stroke height of 12 meters with guide rollers. As the cables withstand very small bend radii and are extremely resistant to wear thanks to their specific construction, corkscrews are prevented.

Forklift with iglidur® bearings at the lifting mechanism  
Reduced maintenance costs and downtime

The lubricated bronze bearings at the lifting mechanism in which dirt could accumulate caused permanent downtimes. Since maintenance-free iglidur® bearings are used for high loads, maintenance costs and downtimes have decreased.

Cabin with drylin® linear technology at the sliding door  
Linear technology for harsh working conditions

Conventional guides always became jammed due to dirt, shocks and vibrations. Lochmann Cabine S.R.L. therefore started installing drylin® linear technology into the sliding doors, which absorbs shocks and vibrations and also works reliably in dirty environments.

Seat with e-chain®  
Less cable wear due to energy chain

Log service life and secure cable guidance characterise igus® energy supply. They are therefore used for seating systems, where they ensure long service life of cables even within the smallest installation space.

chainflex® special cable for cameras and monitors  
Perfect data transmission at 2,800 Newton

For transmitting data to cameras and monitors in industrial vehicles, chainflex® special cables were developed, which worked perfectly at tensile strengths of 2,800 Newton. In addition, they resist oil and UV and are flame-retardant.

iglidur® bar stock at fork tines  
No costs for lubrication and maintenance

iglidur® bar stock eliminate the need for lubrication of the fork tine suspension. As their material has excellent coefficients of friction, fork tines can be moved without problems. Downtimes due to lubrication and costs for lubricants are thus eliminated.

Sample box industrial vehicles  

For you, the sample box is free of charge!

See for yourself that our products are of the highest quality. The sample box industrial vehicles contains the most important igus® products for this industry and information on their application in forklifts and similar vehicles.
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