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Application examples manus® competition 2017

541 entries from 35 countries

This year’s manus® is the eighth manus® award to be announced worldwide. 541 entries from 35 countries participated in it with their applications. They have competed for the gold, the silver and the bronze manus®.


The Gold manus® 2017: this portable technology makes working life more comfortable for employees.

Robotic systems

The Silver manus® 2017: this gripper arm can dive and be applied under water to a depth of 500 metres.

Space travel

The Bronze manus® 2017: this system is a new ejection mechanism for space travel.

Ship construction

A ship should cross the Atlantic without a crew but with igus® on board.


This device selects for ex. pebbles from a river in accordance with their geological age.

Metal construction

Four glasses made of Plexiglas needed to be assembled and two of them should be moveable.

Sensor technology

This adjustable fixture for a cylindrical sensor shall cover 360 degrees.

Packaging machine

This application shows a cartoning machine for blisters in the pharmaceutical industry.

Packaging machine

This application shows a packaging machine for blister cartons of the pharmaceutical industry.

Packaging machine

This machine shows a blister machine in the pharmaceutical industry.

Beverage industry

This facility arranges PET bottles in a row and transports them to the filling line.

Fully balance bike RePello

On board in the first fully suspended balance bike: iglidur G plain bearings in the suspension system and steering. Small ✓ light ✓ lubrication-free ✓ vibration-damping ✓


Transport boxes with deep-frozen food will be moved inside a system.


This bike has four wheels and can be easily adapted to suit different body sizes.


This durable seat is intended for first class in trains.

Façade and floor cleaning

This cleaning cover allows guidance in any desired direction.

Roller technology

This roller is used to apply wallpaper paste to the wallpaper.


The objective of this module is to convert the components to various container sizes as well as formats.


This milling machine enables rounded corners and edges of furniture for example.

Moulded parts

This machine is used to process particle foams.

Plant construction

This cellular wheel is applied for fine dosing during a powder filling.

Cable production

This machine is used to produce blank copper wires.


This machine manufactures electrical and mechanical prototypes or devices.


A manufacturing machine is fitted with a stacker magazine, which picks up and dispenses microtiter plates.


This device makes it possible to experience the feel of mountainbiking in snow as well.

Food industry

This machine cools down Swabian raviolis from 90 to 2 degrees.

Model making

In the RC model construction, flaps or rudders are moved by the so-called “servos”.

Cultural project

A metro station is to be lavishly restored.


The seat post can be moved up and down without lubrication.

Roller shutter

This is a system for automatic closing of shutters.


This application shows a booster pump.


Cost-effective and lightweight plain bearings replace expensive ball and socket joints.

Iron machine

This machine is used in the ironing industry.

Machine tool manufacturing

Threaded rods are used to enable linear movements.

Plant construction

This platform ensures protection against falls in high-bay warehouse systems.

Test technology

This machine tests springs through alternating/changing linear movements.


Transport boxes with deep-frozen food will be moved inside a system.


A titanium suspension makes that trike unique.

Wood scanner

This system is used to test wood products.

Surface machining

This blower shoots the smallest possible beads into moulded cast parts.

Sharpening technology

This machine sharpens knifes of lawnmowers.


This design allows for a relaxed operation of mobile devices.

Winding machine

This machine presorts soaps in a quad system and arranges them in a package.


This system deals with the topic of washing processes.


This industrial washing machine is equipped with several cylinder heads.


This drone is used for targeted pest control.

Mining industry

Compact drilling devices need to be applicable in a dusty environment.

Micro perforation

Cylinder holder for a micro perforation machine.

Mechanical engineering

These metering units allow for the filling of liquids into different containers.

Kite power

This kite can be compared with the wing tips of a conventional turbine.


This electronic group develops a forward-looking sonar system for maritime operations.


A flat bearing was searched for a gear application


The brake mechanism belongs to the sensitive parts of a train.

Cleaning machines

This industrial washing system is used to remove chemical pollutions.

Conveyor belt technology

A roll is simultaneously used as cutting edge.

Hot-foil embossing

Low friction at different speeds


"Saltwater"-compatible igus® components

Steel production

In a continuous casting plant, the foot roll is inserted to stabilize the still glowing material.

Petrol pump

xiros® ball bearings reduce the maintenance effort

Pad printing

This system marks the three position work pieces with highest precision always at the same position.

3D print

This application is a prototype of a 3D printer with the so-called FDM technology.


This system is used to fill liquids into containers.

Sensor technology

Take test photographs of bottles


Cost-effective, precise and long-lasting

Gripper system

This system uses a screw head with four bearing positions for gripper arms.


This eMott is an electronic vehicle for outdoor rides

Visual check

A camera that is needed to capture processes needs to be installed in a test cabin.


Lubrication-free and robust components

Conveyor belt technology

A belt conveyor with horizontal movement.

Conveyor belt technology

The plant transports packages via conveyor belt.


This application is a pedal driven system for a kayak.

Wood processing

Wood processing generates enormous quantities of dust.

Printing machine

the application is a punching station

Printing machine

The bearing of an impression cylinder required optimization.

Drainage system

This machine separates solid substances as well as liquids.


Accurate and repeatable linear transmission of specimen cells

Sailing technology

The automatic winches make sailing faster and simpler.


A fitness unit for professional athletes.


This robot system will be used for inspection and maintenance works in industrial plants.


An automated door mechanism with a special motion sequence was required for a precise optical instrument.

Packaging technology

This application is a form-fill sealing machine.

Ship building

This is a specialized and compact laboratory device to measure the torque value and the forces that have an affect onto the hull of a test ship model in a pool.


This cooperative development is designed to make the twisting clasps.


The linear actuator for automobile industry.

Drilling technology

This sequence automat has been developed for drilling and sawing of aluminium profiles.

Model making

A model boat is steered with a linear guide from igus® and a magnet.


A platform with a large “silence of the axles” was meant to be designed to be used for sound exploration.

Stability examination

This is a tool to examine the stability of coatings – above all lacquer coatings. A performance according to EN ISO 11998 and DIN 53778 is the precondition.

Drying measurement

The time required shall be the determinate that is used for open air-drying of dispersive construction material as lacquer or finery.


This platform enables omnidirectional driving manoeuvres by the use of four Mecanum wheels. Each of the wheels is equipped with an independent damping system.


igus® plain bearings are used in this telescope.

Events technology

This innovative system has been presented to the public during the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympic Games in Rio.

Packaging technology

Several parts from the igus® product range have been installed for this automatic secondary packing – especially inside the conveyor rolls.


This application was to restore an old-timer tractor.


A filling machine needed to be optimized because of automation.

Lifting tables

Lifting tables are used in a wide range of applications.


This is a simulator that helps the player to find his perfect swing.

Cleaning systems

Spray nozzles are used in cleaning systems and controlled via linear bearings.

Laboratory technology

The aim of this application is the development of an innovative line of laboratory devices.


Ice hockey is also practiced on in-line skates - this puck enables smooth sliding.


This design allows for an environmentally friendly method to wash mountain bikes.


In skateboarding axes are very important for the steering movement.

Food industry

This machine transports ketchup bottles on a conveyor belt.

Spinning wheel

The prototype of a spinning wheel has been developed for this application.


A bearing with rectangular plastic bushes is required for an innovative pedal technology of a bicycle.

Photo technology

Via 3D printing, a carriage was created for a camera slider.


This cleaning rod with a rotatable handle is suitable for cleaning weapons.


This system is used to put together Christmas trees or garlands made of PVC.


This scanner enables the automatic book scanning for use in various African countries.


The project is about a new design in the area of sewing technology.


In this application, plastic bearings were used for exchangeable sailing rolls.


The challenge in this mountain bike with double spring system was the high material wear of metal bearings.

Sorting wagon

This wagon with storage boxes is especially used in the area of logistic sorting of medicinal consumables, clothing, post or books.

Filter technology

drylin® R RJUM-01 bearings were used in a self-cleaning filter that was designed for the use in areas that are endangered for explosions.

Mining industry

This patented device is used for cone crushing in the mining and aggregate industry.

Labelling machine

This labelling machine works according to the principle, "print & apply".

Lightweight construction

The prototype of a spinning wheel has been developed for this.

Living design

An easy mechanism for opening and closing was required for this outdoor kitchen block.


This is a solution for different applications in which a pneumatic drive with guiding is used.

Print technology

This professional 3D printer works with high precision and is suitable for the average user.


This pram combines its original function of baby transportation with sport.

Presentation technology

Manually tiltable display for conference rooms with table fixation.

Wire bending technology

This machine combines two well tested bending technologies.


In this application a carrier system for glue needed to be optimised.

Print technology

The movement system in a thermo transfer printer should be operated silently.


This universal device is provided for works such as drilling, excavating and reaming.


In this device, shopping and sports are combined.


This machine adjusts the optimal seating position for bicycle riders.


This application simplifies various workflows by enabling the quick exchange of the equipment.

Textile industry

In this application, white cloth must be order picked.


The development of a CleanUp machine for the automated sample preparation in trace analysis was required.

Printer technology

In this application the heat transfer of 3D printers should be increased.

Living design

This slatted frame system is multi-adjustable and suitable for a wide range of areas.

Rail infrastructure

The application allows measuring the horizontal and vertical distance of an electric cable by a system that is mounted on rails.


The requirement for this application was a gripper shovel for wheel loaders.

Marmora processing

In this application Marmora tiles are transported with a conveyor belt alongside headstocks.

Textile industry

This machine is used for cutting leather or rubber, among other things.

Model making

This prototype of a radio-controlled car is used outdoors.

Food industry

This plant packages sausages.


In this application a sport bow should be optimized.

Measuring devices

This measuring device enables the checking of rails.

Piano bench

A piano bench shall be silent and height adjustable.


This machine ensures that candles are positioned on a conveyor band and packed.

Cutting technology

This tool automatically machines moulded parts.

Printer technology

This printer should be able to print packages from several sides.

Medical technology

This medical application combines a conveyor band with high-resolution cameras to allow the control of products.


This system counts and stacks newspapers.

Laser technology

This application should achieve an automated laser cutting process under water.


This XY positioner/portal robot makes it possible to drill, equip, laser machine, plot, cut and mill.

Air and space travel

This mechanism shall link an unmanned Mars rover with a transfer vehicle and ensure its power supply.


For this robot, a gripper for nuclear environments needed to be developed.

Analysing technology

This application is a system for recipe optimisation and quality assurance in plastic processing.

Simulation technology

This motion platform should be used in professional car-ride simulations.

Electric motor

This electric motor should be designed in such a way that its speed as well as its position can be easily controlled.


This drone is used for targeted pest control.


A pergola with a hard top cover needs a flexible connection for slats.


This system should extract lead from the plastic jacket of batteries.

3D print

This application is a prototype of a 3D printer with the so-called FDM technology.

Wind power

This technology combines design with power generation.


With this printer, logos, batch or product codes are printed.

Placement machine

This application shows a positioning system of paint cans.

CNC application

This polishing machine is used in prosthetics.

Vehicle seat

This application should make long drives by bus or train more tolerable thanks to a support for the lower leg.


This application shows a charcoal grill with igus® components.


This application shows a Glockenspiel that is mainly used as a striking mechanism to be installed in church organs.


This sport equipment combines skiing and mountain climbing.


This robot is intended for industrial applications in the low-cost area.


In this application hexagon shafts are used for the belt drive of a machine as motor shafts.

Energy production

This application is an energy changer for sea waves for power generation.

Media technology

In this application an automated camera slide control needed to be built.

Packaging machine

In this application a bag machine must be optimized.

Medical technology

This development supports patients, who are suffering from hemiplegia.

Painting facility

In this application, the wear of individual components in a painting facility should be reduced.

In this project, an additional sleeping facility was to be added to a VW Caddy camper.

This project calls for a further sleeping place to be accommodated in a VW Caddy Camper.

Telescopic hoist platform


With this machine, rocks are subjected to flame treatment to give them their characteristic rustic surface.

Conveyor belt technology

For this application, the fire protection sections should be optimised in the conveyor belt technology division.

Fibre speed connection

This application shows a wireless and optical Internet access system.

Vending desk

For this project a double glass should be opened upwards.

Foldable mountain bike TonkelOm

Continuing rigidity and a long service life without maintenance: no problem even with impacts, dirt and temperature fluctuations.

3D printers

This printer focuses on two main areas: print area creation and precise carriage displacement.

Furniture design

For this device, a cutting board should be freely movable on a work top.

Furniture design

This application shows an innovative and stylish monitor workstation.

Nuclear waste

This system is used in the examination of nuclear waste and helps to visualise and characterise combustible debris.

Conveyor belts for people

This mechanism was conceived for person belt conveyors with high speed.


This application provides a solution for stowing valuables on the beach.

Movement solutions

A gyroscopic floating module for seating systems

3D printers

This 3D printer is based on a Cartesian system.

3D print

This 3D printer has a rigid frame and linear bearings which have a positive effect on the speed.


This application gives physically handicapped people the opportunity to ski.

Conveyor technique

This design allows the transport of shopping carts in building complexes.

X-ray inspection

This positioning system is used in the material defect test.

Learning tools

This application shows a system for different learning situations.


This special seating option acts against health damage in childhood.


This application shows an equipment for professional magicians.


This machine is used in the field of medicine and processes absorbent foams.


This application from the art sector shows a kinetic sculpture that allows for unique movements.

Screw positioning machine

This system screws together flat roof insulation and plastic coatings.

Model making

This application is a funk motorcycle with an innovative steering function of the damping system.

Solar technology

E-bikes are equipped with solar collectors and receive the necessary electricity supply.

Cooling technology

The purpose of this application is to optimize the production of refrigerators.

Food industry

This system transports meat in trays on a conveyor belt.

Solar energy

For this solar energy device, polymer plain bearings were used to guide parabolic trough collectors.

Metal processing

In this application, a brake or bracing system for movable lamellas should be developed.

Motorcycle accessories

This system allows motorcyclists to store their helmets securely in storing compartments.

Automotive industry

This special machine undertakes laser markings of the cylinder head.

CNC technology

This CNC machine is designed for the processing of wood.

Automotive industry

This is a prototype for cleaning and laser marking of axle shafts.

Clock technology

This application is a special form of the table clock.

Rail vehicles

In this project the door of a rail vehicle should be optimized.


A machine that is used to pick mushrooms is to be optimised.

Foot door opener

This application shows a mechanical foot-operated door opener.


More than 14 igus® bearings are used for this motorbike.

Industrial technology

With this system, adhesive films should be positioned on a lacquered surface and pressed.

Permanent magnet

This magnet has a powerful magnetic field for synchrotron radiation.


Plain bearings from igus® have been installed in the prototype gearbox of an electric motorcycle.

Humanoid robots

This humanoid robot can be used as a contact person at a reception desk.


This application shows an innovative seat post for mountain bikes.

Hopkinson Pressure Bar

This system is used to test stress-elongation reactions of materials.

Test technology

This lightweight camera system is intended to be used to check/inspect components.

Brewery technology

This machine lifts a drum from the conveyor belt to clean it in a rotary motion.


This application shows a sailing boat for short and single-handed sailors.

Musical instrument

The mechanics should be optimized for a trombone.

Aircraft technology

This innovative aircraft design is characterised by optimized control and an optimized drive.

Bicycle technology

"Tortuga XL" - the largest cargo bike solution in Europe:


This robot is designed to help in the exploration of the planet Mars.

Robot technology

This project deals with the development of a tactile hand for a mobile robot.

Textile industry

This machine removes the roving from a spool before it is refilled.

Scan system

This 3D scanning system allows simultaneous picture collection.

Sun protection system

This application shows an automated sun protection system with vertical lamellas.

Model making

This technical toy collection should be simple and quick to install.

Wheel chair technology

This hybrid wheelchair allows physically handicapped persons to overcome obstacles.

Motor boats

This system allows the control of fast boats from the cabin or open deck.

Reading aid

This system helps people with visual impairment.

3D printers

This 3D printer works with SLS technology.

Wastewater disposal

Plain bearings from igus® are installed in a lamella sedimentation tank, used for the treatment of communally produced wastewater.


This hard top for a yacht consists of four carbon plates that are mounted on a steel frame.


This application shows a concept for pedal boat skippers

Bicycle technology

In the bicycle technology sector, a bike is equipped with a trolley.

Diving accessories

This vehicle allows divers to move around under water.

Laser markings

This system is used in the field of laser marking.


This two-axis system moves baby cradles.


This application shows a very light choke lever for a paraglide drive.

Underwater technology

This system is used in underwater data collection.


This application allows the artificial beekeeping of honey bees.


This application allows skiing in a sitting position.


This sculpture with a height of 10 m has a political message: Society – economy – moral responsibility.

Door system

An automatic door drive for elevators had to be improved.


The system is used during the functional magnetic resonance imaging.


The Mars Rover is a six-wheel robot, which has been assembled with of more than 2,000 parts.

Roller machine

This roller machine is used in the automotive industry.


This hand wheelchair has a powered lifting mechanism for the seat.


This system shifts cigarettes into a box.


The function of this gas handle for a quad or ATV can be executed via thumb gas or twist control handle.


This washing robot cleans air conditioners.

Window opener

This application is an automatic window switching system.


In this application a bicycle suspension should be optimized.

Construction machine

An actuation shaft for thrust bearing of a coupling required new bearings.


This application shows a system for a Relay sofa.


This prototype is intended to be the first electrically powered high-performance glider with retractable propeller.

Welding technology

This system shows a belt tensioner for an impulse welder.

Refrigeration system

Swing doors for refrigeration systems ought to be designed with an extremely reduced aluminium frame.

3D print

This 3D printer is primarily intended for educational institutions and impresses with its attractive design.

Here you can find further interesting applications from very different areas of use:

In a wide range of industries, solutions are technically improved and costs saved by the use of plastic plain bearings.

More applications

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