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Measuring system cable for the energy chain

A measuring system cable can generally be found on any drive unit and is identified by its bright green colour which has its origin in DESINA and has established itself beyond machine tools. Its job is encoder system signal feedback to the frequency converter. It is also called a tachometer cable or encoder cable. It contains many data cores for signal transmission. The various signals generated by the angular encoder map the exact movement of the motor and are transmitted along with this movement. As a rule, not only the data of the encoder system is transported in the cable, but also the supply of the encoder is realised.

chainflex CF113

Structural differences by manufacturer

There are various measuring system manufacturers on the market. The electrically identical design elements also highlight the differences among the manufacturers. Core cross-section combinations, conductor colours and element shields vary widely from manufacturer to manufacturer. At igus, we harmonise the important elements (outer jacket, shielding, inner jacket, and much more) to energy chain movement. This allows us to optimise durability.

DriveCliq – the Siemens standard

DriveCliq is a digital encoder interface from Siemens. The standard has become publicly available and can be used by other manufacturers. Unlike rotary encoders commonly used in earlier generations, this encoder system is equipped with a CAT5 Ethernet element and two thick supply cores. Connection is usually with a connector solution by Yamaichi that, much like an RJ 45 connector, carries data, but has power contacts to the right and left of the notch. This pin arrangement is also in an IP20 housing for the control cabinet or an IP65 housing for the field. An M12 solution has established itself among the connectors because it is more robust and compact and eliminates the need for an expensive connection coupling.



DriveCliq – the machine tool standard

Several years ago, there was a widespread move away from conventional analogue encoder systems to DriveCliq technology, which was new at the time. We were able to support major customers such as WALDRICH (based in Coburg) in this move. Challenges arose for the new plug technology in conjunction with long cable lengths. We worked together to develop a solution for the extremely robust M23 round signal connector that was much better than the original solution in its machinability and data transmission. So if you are looking for a solution and can't find it in the catalogue, contact us, and we will take a close look at your application.

Expert's tip

Inner jacket – why it is important for long travels and small radii

Our inner jacket, located between the core structure and the shielding, gives us a unique design detail for our high-end cables. It protects and guides sensitive cores and supports the shield. Both of these functions are extremely important both in long travels and small bend radii, which is just where the cable is subjected to the most extreme forces.


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