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Sophisticated bus cables
for high data transfer.

Bus cable for motion

Bus is the abbreviation for "Binary Unit System" and describes a system that is responsible for the data transmission between individual participants within a network. The bus cable stands for a data connection that connects all participants with each other via a transmission path. Bus cables are designed for high transmission rates of up to 10 Gb and therefore differ from simple data cables because they are adapted to the respective bus system according to specification in order to comply with the specified attenuation values, capacities and characteristic wave impedances.

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Dependable cables for movements in the e-chain - for many cycles, high speeds and accelerations and more challenges.

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36 months guarantee

In our 2,750 m² laboratory, we put our cables through their paces - and with confidence we can give them a 36 month guarantee!

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With our tools you will find the right cable for every application - and can directly calculate the service life!

chainflex bus cables for all common bus systems

chainflex® bus cable

Although bus cables are always configured for specific bus systems, they all have one thing in common: a medium, usually a two or more-paired copper cable, which connects all subscribers (such as actuators and sensors) to one another. Since all bus subscribers are connected via a cable, there are some advantages through this basic principle. The transmitted information from the sensors is available to all consumers at the same time and can be used in a variety of ways. As a result, the wiring work can be significantly minimised and any changes in a plant or machine need not be reinstalled, but only reprogrammed.
The chainflex bus cables are available for various well-known bus systems in industrial use: Profibus, Interbus, CAN bus, DeviceNet, CC-Link, EthernetUSB  and AS-i Bus (EIB or KNX).
Particularly in the currently strongly growing PROFINET business, chainflex is ideally positioned with nine different cable qualities. Find out for yourself!
You can even find the newest trends such as Single Pair Ethernet in the chainflex product range.  

Advantages of the chainflex bus cable

The chainflex bus cables are characterised by a long service life in the energy chain, or by a high torsion resistance in the case of bus cables for 3D applications. They work perfectly in very tight radii and over long distances (depending on the maximum transmission lengths specified in the bus specification). Bus cables are often used in . Depending on the bus cable series, the bend radii range from 7.5 x d to 15 x d for permanent movement in the energy chain. chainflex bus cables are also available for extreme climatic conditions, so that they can also be used in temperatures in the minus range. Depending on the cable family, outer jackets made of PVC, PUR or TPE are offered.

Comprehensive laboratory tests for chainflex bus cables

The constantly advancing fields of application in the industry ask for special and frequently new requirements for bus cables. The resistance to any type of motion pattern must be very high today, in order to ensure a safe bus transmission over several million cycles of motion. The company's own igus test laboratory subjects bus cables to extreme tests; as in this test a PROFINET cable with more than 65 million strokes. Here the many years of experience of igus GmbH in the development of cables for permanent motion comes to fruition. The bus cables are tested in igus' own 2.750m² test laboratory for many millions of motion cycles. High production quality and the high igus test standards make it possible for igus GmbH to accurately predict the service life of chainflex cables.

Bus cables in energy chains

chainflex bus cables are ideally suited for use in e-chains thanks to the above-mentioned specifications. Depending on the jacket material and the design principle, the bus cables can theoretically withstand extreme mechanical requirements even in long travels of up to 400m. However, care must be taken that the maximum transmission length specified by the respective bus system is not exceeded. Otherwise, the required transmission rates may be impaired. igus would be happy to assist in the design of the appropriate bus system, taking into account all these factors to ensure the process reliability of your system from the start.


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