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Wear-measuring device for pneumatic seals

manus® 2005

"Pneumatic seals with small diameters should be inspected for wear. For this purpose they are mounted in the carriage of a crank mechanism, whereas the rod on which they glide stays fixed. The carriage is vertically guided with three igus® glide bushings on two rods and is driven by a crank mechanism. The connecting rod is provided with igubal® ball heads. Carriage and connecting rod should be extremely light so as not to generate any unnecessary mass forces. The igubal® ball heads are particularly well-suited for this requirement. They do not indicate any notable clearance even after about 15 million operation cycles. The linear guide systems should work without lubrication, so that the specimen does not come into contact with any lubricant other than the fat intended for it."

Christoph Debler, IMKT Uni Hannover, Hannover

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