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From space discovery to racing drive

HFBK Hamburg

Team members: Ruben Faber, Sebastian Auray, Ludolf von Oldershausen, Nils Ferber

Accompanying lecturer: Lutz Pankow & Alek Holtkamp

The unusual design for a recumbent bicycle has got what it takes. The construction pivots in the middle using a lever cascade. The rider lies on top of it and controls the vehicle by twisting his body. Cordless screwdrivers are used here to drive it.

Unusual design: cordless driven racer

This amazing vehicle created a great sensation when it went into action. Not only the spectators at the race were thrilled. Even the newspapers and television were going back and forth. The cordless flyer was given half a page in "Die Welt" and covered in many other newspapers. Even television features have appeared. Including a report about the construction of the little speed machine.

Team talk just before the start, Hildesheim

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