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Plastic plain bearings for the mountain bike

Mountain bikers ride on rough terrain: they travel over roots, rocks, dust, mud and grass, over ramps into compression. Failure of a bike component can be dangerous for the rider as speeds of up to 80km/h can be reached on downhill trails. If a bike rider wants to reach his best form, he has to be able to rely on his bike and, for this, he needs fail-safe components. In addition, precise haptics (responsiveness e.g. of the suspension fork) and low weight are among the most important characteristics that a mountain bike must have, and not only in professional sports. Bearing components made of plastic instead of metal have been gaining in popularity for years – and for a very good reason:

Light, space-saving, vibration-dampening


Metal bearings vs. iglidur plain bearings on the scales

Lightweight plastic components reduce the strain on the frame and can make the bicycle easier to manoeuvre. Moreover, the lighter the bike, the easier it is to travel uphill. Our iglidur plain bearings are around 80 % lighter than metal bearings.

Comparison of installation space: ball bearings vs plain bearings

Compared to rolling bearings, our polymer bearings have the advantage that they need around one third less installation space. Moreover, thanks to their greater elasticity, they have much better vibration-dampening qualities than metal bearing solutions. This means more effective shock absorption and greater comfort for the rider.

No lubrication, no corrosion, no maintenance


Dirt and moisture have an adverse effect on metal bearings In the case of PTFE-coated plain bearings, the gliding layer is quickly worn away after the ingress of dirt. Metal rolling bearings wear out quickly unless they are regularly maintained. In addition, cleaning the bike can be a problem for them if the jet of water hits the bearing point with too much pressure and flushes out the grease. The result is corrosion. For iglidur plain bearings, dirt and moisture do not present a challenge thanks to the absence of lubricants. No external lubrication and no maintenance are needed here.

Metal plain bearings, needle roller bearings and ball bearings vs iglidur plain bearings

Bearing points for dry-tech high-performance polymers on the Fully mountain bike

Bearing points for iglidur plain bearings on the Fully

Seat posts

Clip bearings in lowerable seat post

iglidur J piston ring top and bushing in the telescopic/Vario seat post

Rear frame

iglidur plain bearings on the Fully rear frame

iglidur J3 collar bushing in the rear suspension and the seat stay/rocker combination


iglidur plain bearing in derailleur

iglidur G collar bushings at diverse bearing points on the parallelogram


iglidur plain bearings in both shock absorber eyes

iglidur J bushings in the shock absorber eyes


iglidur plain bearing in the flat pedal

iglidur J3 bushing in the internal bearing point in the pedal

Brake callipers

iglidur plain bearings in the brake calliper

iglidur J bushings in the brake calliper


iglidur plain bearing in the freehub

iglidur W300 bushings in the freehub body

Suspension fork

iglidur plain bearing in dip tube of the suspension fork

iglidur J piston ring top and bushing in suspension-fork dip tubes

Brake lever

iglidur plain bearing in the brake lever

iglidur G bushing in the brake lever bearing point

Success stories

ibis Ripley with marking of the DW-link

Lower weight and increased rigidity in the rear frame

The Californian mountain bike manufacturer ibis has used plain bearings from igus in its full suspension mountain bikes since 2013. As in all articulated links, ibis had originally fitted sealed deep groove ball bearings on the lower rocker of the DW-link rear frame, which led to the rear frame feeling rickety after a while. Switching to iglidur plain bearings brought several advantages: a weight reduction of 80g compared to previous models, greater rigidity, no maintenance thanks to dry running and - the most important aspect for ibis - significantly improved durability.

Crankbrothers bicycle pedals with iglidur plain bearings

Constant performance, even in the event of shocks, mud and dust

The manufacturer of premium mountain bike components Crankbrothers needed a solution for their pedal bearings. Resistance to dirt, a reduction in weight and a long service life were the main aspects. Thanks to plain bearings made of the material iglidur JB, the company was able to achieve an eight times longer service life compared to the previous solution and reduce the weight. Dirt does not stick to the lubrication-free bearings, they can simply be cleaned from the outside without any loss of performance.

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