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Rotor head for ultra-light gyrocopter

manus® 2007

iglidur® G is the problem solver in this rotor head The rotor blades rotate about 400 times per minute and thereby execute oscillating motion with maximum 30°. The mounting consists of two plastic bearings and two thrust washers each made of iglidur® G.
The rotor head is controllable by the longitudinal and diagonal axles, however there are only occasional control movements. Here four plain bearings and thrust washers each are mounted on the head. Other bearings absorb the rotary motion of the brake lever. Besides, two igubal® pillow block bearings are additionally provided for the steering, which is vibration dampening and compensate for misalignments.
For all used igus® products, the low weight and freedom from maintenance are the main criteria for their application.

Walter Schwarz, Schwarz Industrieservice, Schwabach

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