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Brought to the machine just in time

Ready assembled igus® energy chains for wood working

The IMA Klessman GmbH is known worldwide for its sophisticated wood working machines

Ninety CNC axles just in the workpiece table, tool change systems with eighteen tools, speed rates of 100 m/min and milling spindle with 24,000 min-1:
The CNC machining centers of the BIMA portal type series manufactured by the IMA Klessmann GmbH at Lübbecke in Westphalia are high performance machines with impressive capacities and imposing dimensions.

BIMA P 980, twelve meters portal width, two tool tables, 45 vacuum clamping elements per table BIMA P 980

When three parallel milling and boring heads travel in one wood working portal, not only the energy supplies and signal cables but also the cooling medium as well as compressed air for pneumatic drives and adjustment installations must be routed. The extraction of the chips is also conducted by energy chains.

The largest energy chain of the IMA machines are situated right on top of the portal.
The exhaust hose for the BIMA P 980 has a diameter of 250 mm and operates similarly with the aid of an igus® E4 energy chain of the Series 5150 with cross bar.

Made-to-spec e-chain® in BIMA-310 readychain®

The igus® preassembled energy chains create a lasting, low-wear connection to the tools.

The flying chips and wood dust make special demands on the energy chains. A critical point is to prevent the fine dust from entering the chain joints. The igus® energy chains fulfill these requirements even when the machine works with chips flying around. Thereby it doesn't make a difference whether the e-chain® is used in open or closed forms (e.g. snap-open energy tubes). Because, even very fine wood dust cannot penetrate the smooth exterior contour into the encapsulated or closed stop dogs. Therefore IMA can obtain products off the rack.

Made-to-spec from the E4 construction kit

At first sight, the variety of the 40,000 different products in this area may appear confusing. They however offer an enormous advantage for the user in that he need not pay attention to the energy chain in the design, but can be certain that a suitable type series is available for the individual application profile. For most applications at the IMA, the e-chain® of the Series E2 and E4 are used. In some cases however special designs and versions are implemented.

igus® delivers readychain® systems just in time with worldwide guarantee and defined handling time.

Made-to-spec e-chain® in BIMA-310 readychain®

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