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Fibre-rods | Flexible, spring-loaded above the industrial robot

triflex® R fibre rod module Two fibre-rods within the e-chain® enable the springy movement

Fibre-rod module (only for TRC/TRE.B) - custom solutions with directed pretension

  • Compare with a fishing rod above the robot
  • Produces consistent & directional pretension from 700 to 2000mm
  • Supplied as a pre-assembled component assembly consisting of triflex® R, inserted and fixed fibre-rods
  • No tangling and reduced spinning compared to loose e-chain®
  • Automatic return of the triflex® R to the initial position

Diagram of the triflex® R fibre rod module

1: Fixed version chain links connected to each other to compensate for the relative movement of the fibre-rods within the e-chain®.

2: Area for mounting brackets of the universal mounting kit (see accessories)

3: Fibre-rod length, which is included in the part number.

4: Additional chain (TRE.B or TRC) without fibre-rod (individually adjustable as required and therefore not included with delivery).

5: Optional protectors (TR.XX.30) for additional protection of the chain.

6: Fibre-rods inside the TRE.B or TRC

Info on the right product selection

Recommended maximum lengths of the fibre-rod modules

For seriesmax.





Part no. structure
e.g. TRE.F.70.1000.1.0.B
TRE  --> Series
F       --> Fibre-rods
70     --> Ø Index
1000 --> Fibre-rod length
1       --> Version
0       --> Colour black
B       --> B Version 4 times stronger 

Order fibre-rod TRC (enclosed design)

TRC fibre-rod

length [mm]:




Order TRE.B fibre-rod (open design)

TRE.B fibre-rod

length [mm]:




Accessories for the correct assembly of the TRC and TRE.B fibre-rod module

Universal installation set

  • Stainless steel angle tube with installation brackets for fastening on the robot
  • Fastening option with mounting brackets to fix the fibre-rod to the angle tube.  
  • Angled tube and fibre-rod can therefore be freely positioned
  • Quick and easy adaptation to new programme sequences of the robot
  • Targeted masking of interfering edges and avoidance of cable loops
  • Guide triflex® R very close to the robot arm or laterally to axis 6 to allow max. rotary movements

Universal_assembly_set_assembled Universal assembly set with TRE.B fibre-rod mounted on a Fanuc M-900iB/360
Universal assembly set_disassembled
Part No. Dim. A [mm] Dim. B [mm] Dim. C [mm] Dim. D [mm] Dim. E [mm] Weight [kg]
ready for shipping in 48 - 72 hours TR.40.80 74 40 8.4 475 325 3.925 586.66 USD Add to shopping cart
ready for shipping in 48 - 72 hours TR.50.80 74 40 8.4 475 325 3.925 506.83 USD Add to shopping cart
ready for shipping in 48 - 72 hours TR.60.80 74 40 8.4 625 325 5.166 500.57 USD Add to shopping cart
ready for shipping in 48 - 72 hours TR.70.80 75 80 12.6 875 575 13.242 764.88 USD Add to shopping cart
ready for shipping in 48 - 72 hours TR.85.80 75 80 12.6 875 575 13.551 696.99 USD Add to shopping cart
ready for shipping in 48 - 72 hours TR.100.80 75 80 12.6 875 575 13.512 885.98 USD Add to shopping cart
ready for shipping in 48 - 72 hours TR.125.80 75 80 12.6 875 575 14.361 1,370.01 USD Add to shopping cart
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Installing the fibre-rod system with universal assembly set

Shorten a fibre-rod yourself

  • Three steps to shorten a fibre-rod
  • The only tools needed are a saw and the e-chain® disassembly tool

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