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"E4/0 system" applications

Typical industrial sectors and applications:

Robotics and handling systems, materials handling technology, construction machinery, machine tools, wood working, machines of any type, semiconductor, clean room

Hole drilling facility

The e-chain® provides this drilling machine with ESD protection and weather roofing.

Machining center

Top condition even after 9 years - Preassembled energy supply systems for precision machines working under tough environmental conditions

Wood industry

The igus® preassembled energy chains create a lasting, low-wear connection to the tools.

Crane system

Cranes on the chain - Energy supply system in heavy duty use since 12 years.

Vertical standing - E4/0 system, possible up to 40 m
E4/0 system - circular motion
Gliding application - E4/0 system, implemented up to 500 m
Unsupported e-chain® grip - E4/0 system
Extended crossbar for the E4/0 system enables a safe guiding of the ø 250 mm suction hose
Example for unsupported straight FLG - E4/0 system

Further interesting applications from extremely diverse areas can be found here.