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xiros® ball bearings test lab

Rigorous testing of ball bearings

We constantly carry out tests in order to continuously develop our products and to assess customer applications better. The goal is to offer the perfect products for every application.

  • Eight test rigs
  • About 200 ball bearings running in parallel
  • Around 400 different experiments per year
  • Tests with a maximum speed of up to 6000 rotations per minute and a maximum load of 300 Newton possible

We would be happy to test your specific application

Which ball bearings are suitable for electroplating equipment?

The electroplating process places very high requirements on the materials used in electroplating equipment. Electroplating involves sending an electric current through an electrolytic bath. The metal that is to be applied as a coating (e.g. copper or nickel) is located at the anode and the object to be coated is located at the cathode. As this is an electrochemical process for which strong chemicals are also used in the galvanic bath, metal ball bearings are not suitable. When ball bearings are installed, they are usually plastic ones.
Ball bearings made of technical ceramic can also be used but are considerably more expensive. In the following, there is a short video that illustrates the chemical resistance of a polymer ball bearing compared to a metal ball bearing in a galvanic bath.

Calculation of the service life of your ball bearing

Thanks to up-to-date data from the xiros test laboratory, we are able to assess the service life of our ball bearings under very different conditions. Simply enter application parameters to obtain the expected service life. You can then order your ball bearing or request additional information from our experts.

Calculate the service life of ball bearings

igus test lab

igus test lab

Whether plain bearings, linear guides or energy chains - in the industry's largest test lab, we test our products regarding quality, wear and service life in very different conditions.  

Application examples

Ball bearings application examples

Packaging industry, automotive or medical technology: these are only some of the industries in which xiros polymer ball bearings are already successfully used. Here you can find further applications of our customers.


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